Why Should You Visit Sanibel Island?

Sun, sand, and beaches can be found across Florida. After a while, it may seem that all tourist destinations are pretty much alike.

So, what makes Sanibel Island unique? There are plenty of reasons, but the following topics are what visitors to our Sanibel Island rentals seem to enjoy most.

Smaller Beaches

Low-key, quiet, and quaint – Sanibel Island beaches are both beautiful and secluded for anyone hoping to escape. These beaches are some of the most unique barrier islands in the world because of their east-west orientation, rather than the usual north-south. As a result, the island is gifted with a pristine shoreline, which includes an incredible diversity of shells. The beaches are an ideal location for spotting wildlife, from wading birds to nesting sea turtles. Sea turtle nesting season runs from May 1 to October 31. It is a breathtaking experience you won’t want to miss! 



Sanibel Island is a shell lovers paradise. Shell collectors from around the world make pilgrimages to its beaches, as they are considered the best shelling spot in North America. This is because Sanibel’s beaches are protected by a broad underwater shelf, which gently washes intact shells onto the sand. It won’t take long for shell collectors to find perfect pastel coquinas or false angel wings. 

Shells are not limited to the beaches. Locals, when digging their gardens, often find conchs, whelks, scallops, and clam shells that have been deposited over thousands of years. The island is littered with shells, and one might even say the entire island has “shell fever.” There are shell shops and an annual Sanibel Shell Fair and Shore. So many people can be spotted wandering around collecting shells that the motion one makes to pick up a shell has been dubbed the “Sanibel Stoop.”

Plan Your Next Vacation

Our friendly and professional staff are always eager to help. Contact us today to start planning your Sanibel Island vacation!

Whether you go shell collecting yourself or opt for shopping for seashells along the seashore, you will have no shortage of beautiful souvenirs to bring home!

Easy to Get Around 

person riding bike

Only 12 miles in length, it isn’t difficult getting around. Save on gas and get some exercise by biking from one destination to the next. Don’t worry about bringing your bike from home. We offer on-site bike rentals for one, three, or seven days. There are many biking trails that crisscross the island, and we provide a trail map to help you find your way. A paved bike path even passes by Sandalfoot condos, so just hop on your bike and head out!

Safe Getaway

Sanibel Island is quiet and secluded, without the usual tourist traffic that has overrun other parts of Florida. Stroll around the island, and you’ll find galleries, shops, and restaurants all with a casual, welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel at home. There are plenty of opportunities to strike up conversations with the locals and learn more about the area. All the while, you can feel completely confident that you and your family are safe to wander the island at your leisure. 

Why Stay at Sandalfoot 

Our Sanibel Island condo rentals offer all the comforts and amenities of a home. Additionally, condo rentals are located on the east end of the island, just minutes away from the major attractions, such as Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum and Bowman’s Beach. The condos are located away from the infamous Periwinkle traffic, allowing you to maintain peace and privacy. Rentals include a bright and fresh décor, full amenities, as well as access to beautifully manicured grounds. Our Sanibel Island 2 bedroom condo rentals provide ideal and affordable accommodations for small families.



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