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How did our beachfront condominium get its name? During winter in the early 1970s a quartet from Ohio met to finalize their plans to build on a beautiful piece of property they had purchased on Sanibel Island. They had plans to begin a new enterprise – a condominium – an idea in which the units were individually owned while the amenities and grounds would be commonly shared…they needed a name.

It turned out that one member of the group, a doctor, was late and arrived wearing a pair of worn, sandy beach sands (footwear seldom see in dreary Ohio winters).   As they discussed how much they liked the island lifestyle and climate, as opposed to their own Midwest cloud-covered cold, their eyes were drawn to the doctor’s sands. Suddenly Bob, one of the contractors said, “I have the name!”

Sandalfoot was one of the first condominium properties on Sanibel. Construction began in 1972 under the name Outer Island Development and was completed in 1973. The four Ohio friends making up this development group had a vision of a new concept, a complex of condominium units that would be privately owned, whereas the amenities and grounds would be shared. One of the contractors proposed the name Sandalfoot, based on the beach footwear one of the developers was wearing.

Chances are your heart skips a beat when you start thinking about a Sanibel vacation. Then reality hits that you need to start researching for the best possible and affordable accommodation – you know the kind, authentic, loads of curb appeal, on the beach. Recognized by guests and awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence annually since 2011, Sandalfoot fits the bill and strives to make every guest’s experience the best it can possibly be. We are always working to enhance our status as one of the finest Sanibel Island vacation rental destinations.



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