Your Complete Guide to Sanibel Watersports

For those adventurous types who love to experience the ocean to the fullest on their vacation, then Sanibel is the place for you.

Some may want to charter a boat and try their luck at fishing, but some people may want to do that and more. If you like a bit of excitement and the rush that comes from conquering the great sea, even if you are in a kayak, then Sanibel Island has everything you need to embrace your watersport adventure.

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding 

Whether you are experienced in a canoe or kayak, or you’ve never been in one, not to worry. You can rest assured you will still have a great time kayaking Sanibel Island. There are double kayaks for those who need a bit of help or want someone else to do the heavy paddling. Rent them for a few hours for a bit of exercise and a paddle around the marina, or rent them for a few more hours or the entire day to get a whole morning or afternoon of water travel in.

Please pack a lunch to take with you and make a day of it. Don’t forget your camera, as you will want to capture the area’s breathtaking beauty. These are sites that not everyone gets to see! If there are several of you, you can make a reservation for groups of eight or more so everyone can get in on the fun. These trips are not recommended for children under three.

You can even download the BoatCloud Launch app and make and keep track of your reservation, see the times, and watch for any changes or updates. There are plenty of places along the way you can stop and explore.

Boat Rentals 

If you are looking for boat rentals on Sanibel Island, then you are in luck. The boats are fully Coast Guard equipped and have very comfortable and lush interiors. Comfort and safety will always come first. When renting a boat, some rules must be followed to ensure safety, so ensure you are fully aware of them. If you are unfamiliar with boating, you can take an online boating safety course. 

If you plan on drinking, then please exercise caution. The boat driver must be 25 or over and possess a valid driving license. The boat’s operator must not be intoxicated, so you’ll still need a designated driver, just like on the road. Boat safety also includes passenger limits, don’t exceed the limitation given by the rental company. If you plan on fishing, all who plan on fishing must also have a Florida fishing license, and you apply for a temporary one online for the duration of your stay.

Jet Skis 

If flying across the water on a jet ski is your idea of fun, then buckle up! You can rent a jet ski and get out on the water and enjoy the sun and ocean waves. You can book your jet ski when you book your Sanibel Island condo

There will always be a certified, experienced guide from YOLO Watersports with you, so you can enjoy the experience. So, everyone in your group can rest assured that they can have a safe and fun adventure. Once you are out on the ocean, there is plenty to do and see. Drive around the Gulf of Mexico and get a glimpse of scenery not seen by everyone. Be mindful that there could be high waves and wind, which make the trip more challenging.

There is a two-hour excursion, so expect to have your mind blown. Take your camera but make sure you take one that is waterproof or well covered, as you don’t want to use your regular phone or camera, as it will likely get wet and damaged.

parasailing behind a boat
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If flying high above the beach is more to your liking, then parasailing is definitely something you should look into. You can book your parasailing excursion on Sanibel Island ahead of time when you are booking your Sanibel Island two-bedroom condo rentals.

Imagine the view from way above the beach. Parasailing allows you to see miles of the Sanibel coastline from a bird’s eye view. It is the rush of a lifetime and will be something you remember for many years.

Spaces are limited if you consider booking a parasailing trip, and weather can also impact the experience. Book it when you book your condo, so you know it will be ready and waiting for you.

There are solo flights for those with experience but plenty of assistance for those who don’t. You can book a picture package, as well, just in case, as you don’t want to be trying to fiddle with your camera while flying above the sea. You can bring people out on the boat to watch you sail but are not ready to fly themselves. You can get them to take your picture or record your adventure so you can watch it repeatedly and remember your amazing vacation.

Banana Boats

A banana boat is a great deal of fun for the whole family. Six people can ride a banana boat for all the thrills and spills if they can swim. These boats can reach upwards of 15 miles per hour. They are lightweight boats that, when you sit across, resemble bananas. The ride lasts about ten minutes and is excellent for everyone in the family except babies or toddlers. 

If you are a large group, why not book the boat for as many trips as you think you might need when you book your Sanibel Island rental? You can plan for the day and not worry about missing out.

A banana boat is a fun, easy way to get some exercise and enjoy the water. Check them out when looking into all the Sanibel Island rentals, whatever they may be. There is plenty to choose from.

Plan Your Visit

You will be building memories and having the time of your life while you kayak, parasail, or rent a boat at Sanibel Island. It’s a great way to celebrate a milestone event, a honeymoon, or just a vacation to get away from it all.

Where To Stay

Whether you want to relax your vacation away or get in as much adventure as possible, you can get everything you need with our Sanibel Island condo rentals. Sanibel has much to offer, so check out the watersports rentals available and book them when you book your condo.



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