Things to Do on Sanibel Island During the Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons, especially for vacations and activities. Most locals are back in school, meaning popular areas will be less crowded during the day. Also, in southern locations such as Florida, the air is cool enough to walk around during the day without being overheated while still being able to swim.  

Sanibel Island is a perfect example of fall being the best season. Florida weather and scenery come together in a perfect combination to create an ideal vacation destination. There’s also a huge variety of things to do on Sanibel Island.

Enjoy Less Crowded Beach Days

One of the perks of fall vacations is fewer people on the beach. Fall allows you to spread out and relax more, enjoying the water in peace. If you’re looking for a beachfront rental, consider one of Sandalfoot’s beachfront rentals.

Florida has many miles of sandy beaches, so fall offers freedom and space to explore at will. Mangrove trees often border the beaches, and their twisting roots are marvels. 

Visit The Sanibel Island Farmer’s Market

The Sanibel Island Farmer’s Market is one of the well-hidden treasures you’ll find on the island. Held every Sunday from May to October, the farmer’s market features over 45 vendors and is a great source of any food you can imagine, along with local music and arts and crafts.  

Additionally, the farmer’s markets are some of the more enriching Sanibel Island events, as they provide the opportunity to try new, local produce and connect with the locals. Plus, visiting the farmer’s market is a great option for families on a budget.

Go Trunk or Treating

Trunk or Treating is a Halloween event held every year on Sanibel Island. Held on October 29th, it’s one of the best Sanibel Island holiday events! There are contests for the best costume, the best-decorated vehicle, and a dodgeball contest. You may want to enter the costume contest before entering the dodgeball tournament.  

The pumpkin carving competition is also a great time. Anyone who enters is allowed to take their pumpkins home with them. Standard Trick or Treating is also available at the event to maintain the Halloween atmosphere.

people enjoying the sunset on sanibel island

Take a Haunted History Tour

A haunted history tour is one of the best ways to enjoy Halloween while learning about local and Halloween history overall. The Fort Myers River District History tour is a short distance from Sanibel Island and chronicles the history of Fort Myers.

The tour covers the fort’s history from its creation and growth into a cattle town and rapid expansion during the Roaring Twenties. From there, the tour touches upon the Great Depression and how the economy was saved by entering WWII. Finally, the tour covers urban decay and its resurrection as one of Florida’s most beautiful historic districts.  

Plan Your Visit 

Contact us to learn more about our Sanibel Island condo rentals. Rates tend to drop dramatically at the beginning of fall, so you can get a substantial upgrade on the vacation rental for a little extra cost. Not only that, but all units feature amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, multiple TVs, and high-speed internet. Get in touch today!

Where To Stay

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to stay while on vacation. That’s where Sandalfoot Condos comes in. We have all your Sanibel Island condo rentals needs covered. Our Gulf view condos allow you to enjoy a stunning view any time of day while also having all the amenities of home.



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