How to Stay Active During Your Sanibel Island Vacation at Sandalfoot Condo

Sticking to an exercise regimen can be hard enough when you’re at home and on a routine. But when you go on vacation, it’s so tempting to throw your daily workouts out the window until you get home. Vacation is supposed to be about relaxing, after all, right? And there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the fitness center of a hotel while your family goes out and has fun. But when you come to stay in our Sanibel Island rentals, there are plenty of ways to stay active while getting the whole family involved, sticking to the things you want to do on your trip, and most of all, having fun!

Sanibel Island Bike Rentals

bike rentals

For an eco- and budget-friendly way to see the island and get some exercise at the same time, take advantage of our Sanibel Island bike rentals! It doesn’t matter if you bike all the time at home and want a bit of a challenge or whether you want a quick and convenient way to get around. Renting a bike on Sanibel Island is the perfect way to get the whole family together, and as you’re navigating the island and getting some truly stunning views, you won’t even realize you’re working out!

Guests at Sandalfoot don’t have to go far to get their bike rentals since we proudly partner with Billy’s Bikes to offer rentals directly to you! Grab your bike rental from our office and take it to one of the local trails in areas like J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Periwinkle Way, or Middle Gulf Cemetery Bike Trail. Wherever you go on the island, make sure you wear your helmet, grab a trail map from our office, and obey all traffic laws. 

sandalfoot condo tennis courts

Tennis Courts

Want to stay active and get competitive? Tennis is the perfect solution! You can experience this fun game with just one other person or get the whole family out on the court for a fun afternoon challenging each other if you don’t have any prior experience playing tennis, no worries. It can still be fun to get out there and hit the ball around without following a strict set of rules.

Sandalfoot has our guests covered here as well since we offer convenient Sanibel Island tennis courts right on our property! We’ve even got all the tennis balls and rackets you might need, so you don’t have to worry about going out and buying them or bringing your equipment from home. In addition to our tennis courts, Sandalfoot also allows guests to play pickleball for a whole new challenge! Best of all, these courts are steps away from our Sanibel Island condo rentals, so you don’t have to go far to stay active.  

sandalfoot condo pool in sanibel island


What would a trip to Sanibel Island be without a bit of swimming? Whether you want to get severe and swim laps around the pool or splash in the water and play some fun water games with your family, there’s plenty of opportunities to do it here. Of course, you can head to any of the local beaches for a fun day in the sunshine, allowing you to swim out into the ocean and float around, toss the Frisbee, or see who can swim back to shore the fastest.

Plan Your Next Stay

Sandalfoot Condo is proud to offer a wide range of Sanibel Island beachfront rentals that are perfect for any family, no matter how much you want to spend or how long you want to stay. You’ll be just moments away from all the best attractions in the area and will always have a safe and inviting place to return to once you’re done sightseeing for the day. Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more!

On the other hand, if you still want to experience the water but don’t want to deal with the mess of the beach, you can still swim right here at your Sandalfoot condo rental. We’ve got a centrally located heated swimming pool that’s easy to get to no matter which of our properties you’re staying in. Since the pool is heated, you can come down any time of day to get some laps in! We try to make our Sandalfoot amenities as convenient as possible to stay active and enjoy their time away from home.

shuffleboard at sandalfoot condo


We’ve already talked about our tennis courts and pickleball courts, but did you know we have shuffleboard, too? Shuffleboard often has the reputation as an activity that only older people play, but it’s genuinely a fun game for the entire family, and it provides more of a workout than you might think! If you’ve never played shuffleboard before, you’re in for a fun experience that could result in you finding a new favorite game! And don’t worry, we’ve got all the equipment you’ll need for shuffleboard, too, so you don’t have to try to track down all the right gear you’ll need to play a game or two.

The typical shuffleboard game is played to either 15 or 21 points. In short, you and your family will take turns sliding your four weights (by hand) against your opponents’ weights. You’ll be aiming to get your weights to the highest scoring area of the board without causing your weights to fall off the end of the board. The further down the board your weights are, the higher of a score you earn. Shuffleboard is a game of strategy and skill that’s a great way to get moving with your loved ones. 

Walk the Beach

sandalfoot condo boardwalk

Finally, you can’t have a vacation to Sanibel Island without spending some time on the beach! Sanibel Island beaches are world-renowned for their soft white sands and crystal-clear waters, so they’re a must-see spot on your upcoming trip. Taking a walk or a run down the shoreline is a great way to get active, and the pull of the sands makes it more challenging than you might imagine! You can take a stroll watching the sunrise or set, or you can make things more intense with a morning run before the day truly gets started.

An added benefit of spending some time exercising on the beach is the incredible Sanibel Island shelling opportunities you’ll get! The beaches of Sanibel Island have an east-west orientation instead of the typical north-south, which means that seashells get scooped up by the waters much more easily than on other beaches.

You can find tons of different shells here, providing a great way to get active and find a unique souvenir! Just be sure to wear sturdy shoes, bring a bucket and a scoop, and never take any live shells. Failing to follow this last rule could potentially result in fines of up to $500.

If you’ve been wondering how to stay active on vacation, we hope this guide has served as a starting point for you and has proven how easy it is to get moving while you’re away! Now, it’s just time to book your stay in one of our Sanibel Island condos.



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