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Beautiful Junonia Shell found on our beach!

Recent guests staying at Sandalfoot were thrilled to find a coveted Junonia shell on the beach right in front of the property. Brian and Sharon Gardner proudly displayed their find in the Sandalfoot office, and of course, pictures were required! Brian and Sharon are from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and have made Sandalfoot and Sanibel their “home away from home” for many years.

The Junonia, or Scaphella junonia is a species of large sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Volutidau. It lives in water 60 to 120 feet deep and rarely washes up on shore except after high winds or a hurricane. Sometimes, though, the prized Junonia makes an appearance on one of the Sanibel beaches to charm some lucky resident or visitor. It is a beautiful shell, and is instantly recognizable for its cream colored background and rusty brown spots. Congratulations to Brian and Sharon on their exciting find!



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