Get Your Groceries Delivered During Your Sanibel Island Vacation

Going on vacation is tons of fun, but it can also be quite expensive. On top of paying for gas for your car and admission to all the fun attractions, you want to experience, simply the cost of eating out for every meal can feel like it breaks the bank! One easy way to save money while you’re on vacation is by cooking in your rental. 

Our Sanibel Island rentals have plenty of space for you to cook or grill, saving you time and allowing you to prepare the best local ingredients any way you please. Want to save time as well? Take advantage of convenient grocery delivery on Sanibel Island!


bread wrapped in plastic from Sanibel Island grocery store

Bailey’s grocery store on Sanibel Island is a quaint general store that holds everything you might need during your vacation. They’ve been an island staple since 1899! Don’t worry, though; the offerings have evolved with the needs of shoppers over the last 100 years! You’ll find a wide range of fresh produce, deli and bakery selections, wines, and even pre-cooked meals for a super time saver. Having your groceries delivered from Bailey’s is one of the best ways to ensure you have everything you need as soon as you check-in.


Another place to get your groceries delivered from is Jerry’s grocery store on Sanibel Island. You can order everything you need online to make sure it’s ready for you when you arrive! Jerry’s has a little bit of everything, including beer and wine, produce, deli meats, bakery goods, and so much more. While you’re in town, you’ll also want to stop by in person to experience the delicious meals from Jerry’s Café or the delectable brews from Coquina Coffee! 

Plan Your Next Visit

Sandalfoot is proud to offer a wide range of convenient and affordable Sanibel Island condo rentals to suit you and your family. If you’re traveling solo or with your sweetheart, a 1-bedroom rental would be perfect, and for bigger groups, consider a 2-bedroom rental. Either way, we’re here to answer any questions you might have during your stay and to make sure your vacation is unforgettable! Contact us today to start planning your getaway! 


At this point, we know what you’re probably thinking. “These grocery stores on Sanibel Island sound great! But how do I actually set up a grocery delivery before I check-in?” All you’ll have to do is contact your grocery store of choice to submit your order, as well as tell them the day and time you plan to check in. The grocery store employees will work to put your order all together and bring it to us here at Sandalfoot. They’ll check in with us at our front desk and be given a key to drop off your groceries. When they’re done, they’ll return the key to us, and that’s it! Your vacation condo is now fully stocked with groceries, and you’ve barely had to lift a finger. 

grill at sandalfoot sanibel island

Grill on Site

Sure, you might be able to whip up a quick snack or a basic meal inside your rental, but what if you’re in the mood for grilled seafood, burgers, or steaks? Sandalfoot has you covered! We offer three convenient barbecue grills located between our buildings, perfect for you to use no matter where you’re staying on our property. You can cook your dinner on the grills, then you can enjoy our other amenities such as shuffleboard, tennis, or enjoy our heated outdoor pool.



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